Namaste! I’m Sunil. I currently reside in Bengaluru, India. I’m a product manager by profession and love solving problems.

When I am not working, I am most likely thinking thoughts or thinging things. I also wander a lot among online spaces collecting gems. I love travelling via books and faces, more than on foot to places.

My favorite activity is reading between the lines and weaving thoughts into [[ metaphors ]]. This makes me a very good listener and an okay-ish communicator. I think a lot, work a lot, have existential crises, and know just enough about making websites to make me dangerous. I enjoy writing, reading, taking pictures, coding, playing music, and observing & participating in internet culture.

I built this garden on the top of Alisa Bacon’s Digital Garden Jekyll template. I have added some changes to suit my needs. To know how this site was built both technically and philosophically, check out the meta page.

This website is an attempt to bring all my scattered identities together and make it more me. Whenever they conflict and I face a dharmasankatDharmaSankat is a predicament to the moral code of an individual and the context of his situational truth. The term is the conjugation of two terms – “Dharma” (moral code) and “Sankat” (danger). visit, I try to avoid the battle by sepatating them into different endpoints.

If you find any dead internal link [[ like this ]], it’s a signal that I wish to write on the topic but haven’t found meaningful time yet. If you prefer to read on the topic, feel free to bug me on twitter.