Projects 🛠️

I love building silly things. Sometimes, they solve problems. Here is a list of them.

Project Description Status
alexmanack Almanack of Alex Hormozi: Lessons from Alex's life WRITING
blay Remember concepts you read by playing them HALTED
simple card builder Create minimalistic business cards ACTIVE
internship opportunities Twitter List to help you find your next internship, shared by founders and managers themselves ACTIVE
booksbinge Book recommendations by leaders for readers ACTIVE
conversational games My made up games: Firsts, Buts, and Lasts ACTIVE
bookasutra Cozy Reading Positions for Most Pleasure ACTIVE
minetheinternet Collection of gold gems found on the web ACTIVE
36 questions 36 Questions that make you fall in love ACTIVE
cosmic clock Celestial bodies in Clock ACTIVE
annual countdown How you spend your days is how you spend your life. ACTIVE
multipie stonks
No-code platform to read latest annual reports of public companies INACTIVE
internship opportunities
Platform to find latest internships, as shared on twitter. INACTIVE
Netflix-like content on Netflix-like platform for free. INACTIVE

There are too many things stuck on my localhost. Trying to embody the essence of GTFOL.