Notes and reflections

  • “I am concerned about the effects of current social media on expression. Including the right to not express oneself and it’s deliberately addicting features”
  • Value vs. productivity/usefulness
    • Useful for WHO? How is the empty vessel useful? For its emptiness. (Way of Zen)
    • Don’t designers ask these same kinds of questions?
  • Modern productivity as praised despite its direct connection to destruction of ecology
    • Trees as physical fact (vs. digital “facts”?)
  • Public spaces always being under threat of commercialization… similarly, as we measure value via likes and spend our free time developing our personal brand, we are also commercializing our leisure time.
    • 8 hr sleep, 8 hr work, 8 hr to do what we will
  • On context and news feeds: many things in there seem important, but the sum total is nonsense. [[ Context|Context collapse ]]
    • Social media as a contextual monoculture
    • Zuck on two indentities pointing to lack of identity; Audre Lorde on her many
  • Other resources
    • Negotiations 1985 on the comfort of having nothing to say
    • Observation Eros

How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell