Let's FIDN!

In another post, I talked about HODL and BUIDL. But enough HODL and BUIDL, we should learn about FIDN!

Quick TL;DR

HODL means holding assets for compounded gains.

BUIDL means building assets ourselves and holding them for maximum gains.

But there is one aspect of this that remains untouched. Although, I would argue that it is the most important part of holding or building any asset. It’s FIDN.


I deliberately spelled “FIND” wrong to match the pattern of terminologies hodl and buidl. FIDN means Finding assets worth holding or building.

No matter which asset class you choose to hold: equity, cryptocurrencies, real-estate, or even NFTs if that’s your thing. There is always too much of it. From the noise, you have to find signals, which is to say find the underappreciated assets.

If you are going to build yourself, you have to find the correct market, opportunity, solution, and positioning before you dream to hold it in your portfolio.

Why Find?

Because there is no other way. You have to find. Human beings have been hunters and gatherers before they settled down to form civilizations. Finding precedes hunting.

We are constantly finding. Finding better food, job, place, life partner, and if you are like me, finding people to talk to. Whenever we, humans are presented with chaotic space, the first things we do is find patterns. Patterns of a possible danger or safety. Who should we befriend and who should we keep an eye on.