The word — “Beautiful”

If you know me, you must know that I love [[ words ]] and what role they play in the world.

I once wrote

“words are not worlds
except for in your poems”
they tell him
using words.

“words are the worlds”
he replies
if not,
they are lies.

I [[ play with the rules ]] and often create new words myself. It’s not a shocker that I would try to find the perfect word to express something, but one word that I overuse everywhere is — Beautiful!

Everything is “Beautiful”

I use this word to appreciate everything.

  • You are a beautiful soul.
  • You have a beautiful voice.
  • Your thoughts are so beautiful.
  • Your childhood must be beautiful.
  • Hey, don’t worry! The match would be beautiful.

You may have noticed using the word “beautiful” this way is beyond appropriate. All the adjectives in my dictionary must be planning to kill me listening to me.